As a conceptual multidisciplinary artist, my art expands to incorporate sculptural objects, installations, photo-base work and mixed media, challenging conventional boundaries assigned to artists.

Influenced by my life experiences and world events, I address the struggles of biases and inequality ranging from a personal level to socio-political spheres. Inquiries on the issues of gender, identity, equality, beauty and loss have pervaded my work. I address the disparities of dire distress and extreme dangers to our social and political justice system that is failing us. My work touches on the resolve and fragility of human existence, and universal themes of power.

With my work being aligned with feminist ideology I also reflect on the challenges of being a woman sculptor, and the fraught and difficult politics connected to an art practice in New York City.  I interrogate the patriarchal lens through which my work is viewed and create work that opens up a dialogue with the viewer to contemplate our shared collective spaces.