The Archives encompasses my artworks spanning from 1986-1997, marking the beginning of my career as an artist. Originating as an abstract steel sculptor, I explored the formal qualities of material, balance, scale and movement. These early works metamorphosed industrial steel into sculptures, suggesting architectural lightness and precariousness, simultaneously reflecting on a personal narrative as a female artist amidst a male-centric art world. Alongside the material surface of raw and oxidized steel, I also incorporated a palette of silver, gold, red, magenta, and black, which continues to be prominent in my work.

During the late 1980s and 90s, I began to incorporate ceramics into my works. Embracing the malleability of ceramic in contrast to the rigidity of steel, my work took on organic and fluid qualities. Despite ceramic being considered “craft” at the time, receiving minimal interest in the art sphere, I persisted in exploring the medium, creating flame-like vessels and incorporating them into steel structures, undeterred by popular preferences.

Throughout my artistic career, my work has explored a variety of materials and themes driven by my dedication to expressing myself honestly unswayed by the commercial pressures of the art industry. This collection of work begins to demonstrate the expansive utilization of materials that underpins my artistic practice.