The Archives are my works from 1986-1997, which was the beginning of my career as an artist. I started as an abstract steel sculptor, working with themes of balance and movement. In these early works, I transformed industrial materials into sculptures that evoked lightness and precariousness. The work also refers to personal and emotional experiences from my life and from the perspective of a woman artist during a period when the art world was heavily centered around men. Additionally, it was in this body of work that I began using silver, gold, red, magenta, and black, some features still prominent in my current work. 

In the late 1980s and 1990s, I began to incorporate ceramics into my works. During that time, ceramic was considered to be "craft", which the art world had little to no interest in exhibiting. 

My work has investigated a variety of materials and themes. Throughout my career I have been dedicated to expressing myself honestly without the pressure of external commercial forces  of the industry. This body of work demonstrates the expansive use of materials at the foundation of my practice.