"Hershe/Heshe" was originated from “Hershe” which comments upon the production of gendered representation in the gallery setting by asking us to consider our own complexity and raises questions of the relationship between art objects & the viewer. In the video, Lady K (a transsexual) served chocolates during the opening of the exhibition where “Hershe” was debuted in the show Everybody In @ Rush Art Gallery in New York City, 2008. In 2018, "Hershe/Heshe" will be exhibited at De Cacaofabriek, in the Netherlands. The freestanding sculpture's forms are cast from a mold I created and the stamens on the vaginal forms are individually sculpted. The chocolates are placed on silver-plated serving trays and displayed on a Victorian like pedestal, referencing the romanticism and mysticism with regard to religion, social values and art in this historic period. It also gestures towards exploiting the gallery encounter of consuming participatory democracy.

Performance video, resin, sterling silver-plated tray, acrylic, wood, and epoxy resin
36" h x 16 ¼" w x 16 ¼" d each; Video: 3:21 minutes; Overall: 71” h x 40” w x 20” d