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Art in Odd Places 2019: INVISIBLE curated by LuLu LoLo, along 14th Street from Avenue C to the Hudson River, will present artists sixty years old+ along with various forms of intergenerational collaborations.

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Date(s)/Time(s): October 18-20th, Friday 3:30-8, Sat 12:00-6:00, Sunday 12-6:00

"Evidence of Being" is an interactive installation using existing rejection letters from Rush’s 30 plus year career. Letters that she has accumulated throughout her career are posted outside of a phone booth, and people are invited to add their own rejection letters to the installation. Speakers play a series of recorded narrative sentences of typical rejection letters from galleries, curators, grants, etc.

All participants will receive a silicone wristband with written Evidence of Being inscribed. Mass mailings of rejections, in particular, make one feel invisible. Rush intends is to transform the negative experience of rejection into a shared experience, connecting people and helping us not feel alone in this process. 

Location: SE corner of 14th St and 7th Ave

PEN & BRUSH  Over 125th Anniversary
Overlap - Life Tapestries
October 24 - December 14th
Opening reception October 24, 6 - 8 pm
with Martha Wilson carrying out a performance 

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Rejection, Reject, Re..., 2014-2016, Archival paper, museum board, resin, acrylic, metal leaf, polyurethane and colored wax, 38 various sizes: Overall installation 119"h x 179"w x 9"d
Curated by Vida Sabbaghi, Founder and Executive Director of COPE NYC, guest curator at Queens Museum, and through COPE NYC, a special projects partner with Queens Museum. Overlap - Life Tapestries, group exhibition, imaginatively recreates the narratives surrounding women and the art they produce, while mapping the overlapping relationships in their personal and public lives. This exhibit explores how these artists are affected by the intersection of gender, race, and class discrimination.

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December 3 -8 I 2019 
                                             VIP PREVIEW DECEMBER 3                            

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Artwork by Arlene Rush "Where Liberty Dwells", 2019, Metal, wood, plastic, resin, metal leaf, velvet, tassels, fabric, stickers, lettering, plaster, acrylic, rhinestones, epoxy, wax, polyurethane, carpet, rubber, brass and shredded $1 bills