“Where Liberty Dwells” examines perceived reality and power concerning our current political climate. It calls attention to sweeping statements and misinformation in American culture, and how these influences shape contemporary thought while employing satire and kitsch to historicize the present era. The project features twenty five objects, each representing a socio-political issue relevant to American experience today. The number twenty echoes the 25th Amendment regarding the termination date for elected officials in the United States, including the Presidency. These symbolic and historic “relics” are gilded in gold metal leaf and presented on lush velvet cushions atop ornate pedestals placed on leopard-print carpets. They specifically reference issues such as global warming, gun control, border protection, corruption, social media, international espionage, and patriarchy. The cushions, adorned with golden tassels with kitschy objects, referencing the opulence of the monarchy and the excesses associated with the 1%. Viewers must navigate the installation while encountering the embedded and latent tension present in these seemingly lavish objects. By historicizing our present moment, I communicate current issues through my artwork, such as the #MeToo era, late-stage capitalism, abortion rights, Wikileaks, Russiagate, and the current immigration policy. As a female artist reflecting on contemporary American culture, I find it crucial to map this moment in American history.